La Isla Bonita is a song by American singer Madonna. Alizée was singing this song for the first time during one of her appearances on the TV show, La chanson numéro 1 on the TV channel France 2 on June 8, 2003. In August, 2008 she recorded a new version of the song and released as a single to promote the Mexican Tour Edition of her third studio album, Psychédélices.

2003 Edit

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On June 8, 2003 she sang the song in the studio at the TV channel France 2. On June 13 it was broadcasted during a Madonna special of the show. The video of the performance on YouTube is one of her most viewed with millions of total views. This was the second time she appeared on the show.

2008 Edit

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A studio version of the song was recorded and released as a single in August, 2008 during her 2008 - 2009 tour. It was included on the Mexican Tour Edition of the third album together with the rest of the songs and some remixes. She sang the song live during her 6 concerts in Mexico. It became her first top ten single on the Mexico national top ten airplay chart and also reached number two in France.

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