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Alizée was born in France on August 21, 1984 in the city Ajaccio on Corsica.

Charts in France Edit

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Albums Edit

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Gourmandises Peak: 1 Weeks: 84
Mes Courants Électriques Peak: 2 Weeks: 49
En Concert Peak: 38 Weeks: 4
Psychédélices Peak: 16 Weeks: 16
Tout Alizée N/A N/A
Une Enfant du Siècle Peak: 24 Weeks: 6

Singles Edit

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Moi... Lolita Peak: 2 Weeks: 44
L'Alizé Peak: 1 Weeks: 26
Parler tout bas Peak: 12 Weeks: 23
Gourmandises Peak: 14 Weeks: 29
J'en ai marre! Peak: 4 Weeks: 18
J'ai pas vingt ans Peak: 17 Weeks: 22
À contre-courant Peak: 22 Weeks: 18
Mademoiselle Juliette Peak: 22 Weeks: 8
Fifty-Sixty N/A N/A
Les Collines (Never Leave You) Peak: 10 Weeks: ?

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