Alizée has released 10 singles. She released 4 singles from her first album, 3 singles from her second album, 2 singles from her third album and 1 single from her fourth album. Two of the three singles from Mes Courants Électriques was released as singles in English as well. It was I'm Fed Up! (J'en ai marre!) and I'm Not Twenty (J'ai pas vingt ans). A music video was recorded for each of the singles.

Gourmandises Edit

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Moi... Lolita July 4, 2000
L'Alizé December, 2000
Parler tout bas April, 2001
Gourmandises August, 2001

Mes Courants Électriques Edit

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J'en ai marre! February, 2003
I'm Fed Up! April, 2003
J'ai pas vingt ans June, 2003
I'm Not Twenty 2003
À contre-courant October, 2003

Psychédélices Edit

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Mademoiselle Juliette December, 2007
Fifty-Sixty February, 2008

Une Enfant du Siècle Edit

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Les Collines (Never Leave You) March, 2010

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